Tales of an Aspie Freedom Fighter

Friday, May 26, 2006

What is Freedom?

On Aspies For Freedom I asked someone who appeared to be an American patriot, what is freedom? This is a question that comes too mind everyone time I hear the word come up in US politics (which is a lot). And I thought that I would ask it this time. Personally I don't think that those that use that word the most have little concept of what it means beyond some golden ideal that is without question or reproach.

As I am on my high horse thinking about this I fail to notice something obvious. I am posting this on a website called Aspies For Freedom. And even more I have blog called Aspie Freedom Fighter. If I can ask this surely this question could be turn back on us. What does freedom mean in this context? I, however, think I can answer it.

What is Freedom to aspies, and to me?

This means a couple of things.

Freedom of Identity

What I mean by this is the freedom to be who I am without fear of reproach or condemnation. I what to be about to go through my day without having to pretend to be someone I am not. To freedom to be who I am without the necessity to change or be changed to suit the ideas and wishes of society.

Freedom from discrimination

This is a bit hard to explain. To be free of being judged or treated based a static definition of a disability. This is very hard to explain. Perhaps someone else can explain.

Freedom of Personal Choice

I want the power to make my own choices and to be responsible for the consequences of said choices. I don't want my choices to made by my parents/therapist/doctor/medical establishment.

Freedom of SPEECH!

I want to allowed to expression my thoughts and feelings and be listened to, and be believed. No matter how strange or different they may seems.

I also want society to recognize that all autism are capable of communication on some level(even if only by bang there head against a wall).

Freedom of existence

I want to live without fear of being killed. And not just as a individual but as a people. I want society to acknowledge that we not only exist be are worthy of existence. This mean not call calling us an epidemic or a burden to society. Indeed this would mean opening your minds and letting us contribute to society in our own way. This also means allows us have the support that we need to do so.

That is how I define Freedom for Autistics. How about you?