Tales of an Aspie Freedom Fighter

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Our Side/Their Side

I am now going to go into what I believe to to be the opposing viewpoints in the cure/no-cure debate. I feel that this is something that anyone involved in any kind of conflicting points of view. Looking though the eyes of the "enemy" can help you understand their real motives. You might find that you both are fighting for same thing from two different viewpoints. Or at the least you will be able to make more effective arguments. So here is what I think is on the minds of this debate.

The Anti-Cure View

The anti-cure side has one major philosophy at it's core. That Autism is a neurological difference not a disease. So any attempt to cure autism would be tantamount to genocide. One of the misunderstandings between the two side is the use of the cure. To some cure advocates use cure in reference any kind of treatment that reduces the effects of autism or comorbids. But to us cure means eradication of autism from the individual or from society. This leads many to think that we oppose all kinds of treatment or therapies for Autism period. Which is untrue. The Anti-cure group, and the Autistic rights movement in general are fight against primarily three things:

  1. Treatment and therapies that devalue our identity. We are particularly opposed to ABA therapy which we feel is mentally abusive and is a threat to our self-concept. It punishes us for behaviours that feel natural to us.
  2. Discrimination in society. We feel undervalued by society and discriminated against. Particularly in regards to employment. We feel that negative messages presented to the media about autism will make the situation worse. Some that come from "Autism Charities".
  3. Prenatal testing. We believe that this will allow the abortion of the majority of autistic children similar to how downs babies are aborted.
The Pro-Cure View

The pro-cure camp mostly are believes the are acting the best interests of Autistics, They view Autism as a monster that robbed them of their children (They are predominately parents). They are aware of the discrimination faced by Autistics. They seem to view society as something that can't be changed and rather change their children. They view Autism as a disease and are hopeful that it will be "cured" (having more faith in medical science than I do apparently).

I think another driving force behind the cure motive is the struggle to get social support services. The difficulty of getting and cost of such services make the prospect of waving a magic medical wand and removing Autism become very appealing.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bickering in the ranks

The Autistic Advocacy movement has received some harsh responses from anti-cure groups and charities. Not all of the mudslinging is from anti-cure camp sadly. Without naming names, there are numerous disagreements going on within the Autistic forum owners. This bickering between forum owners has to stop!

The online Autistic community is divided into many different forums sites. And some seem to have a very Bill gates type attitude towards it. That they seem to want there site to be the centre of the autism culture & community. And this is true of the autistic rights groups too. I have always said that the Autistic Culture is a culture of dissidents. What I mean by this is that autistic differ greatly with each other. Some of this is because of the heterogeneous nature of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Almost all of us share a feeling of being slighted by Non-Autistic's(Most I think do). And I think most want to see the stop to this. It's just most of us have differing ideas on how that should be accomplished.

The problem is some Autistics don't see this. To these people, they're right and everyone who disagrees is wrong. Also some Aspies can't let an argument go...ever. Many of these sites are split because of personal disagreements between owners.

These arguments are detrimental to our cause. These splits make us look silly and child-like to our opponents. People will not take us seriously. So please bury the hatchet!

How can we ask other to be accepting of us if we are not accepting of each other.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Biology of Hate

My life as an aspie has not been easy. I have faced hatred and bulling as most of us had. And many of us have had to deal with the horrors of the institutions which are worse. Often I have wondered why do people fear and hate us so much. We aren't really any kind of threat. Yet we are given such dangerous terms as 'Epidemic' or mental disorder. To Scientology we are the cause of all evil on the planet! Others just say that we are a burden to society and are going to cause the fall of civilization.


How can a hand flapping Autistic rocking in his chair be considered such a threat? The truth is that people fear those that are different. The question that I ask is why? The standard view is that our culture promotes this attitude. But this kind of behaviour has been persistent throughout most cultures across the entire span of history. All wars have a undertone of hatred in them. We villianize our opponents. So that leaves the question why. Why do we hate? What is the purpose of such a destructive emotion? My theory is that hatred of "them" is a trait that we evolved to survive.

In order to explain this we go back to prehistory and the days when our species first appeared on the earth. We have all seen that famous image of the ape evolving into a man. This would lead you to believe that this was a linear progression where only on species existed at one time. This is in fact many of these species co-existed for a time. Australopithecus and Homo Erectus co-existed for a time. As well as Neanderthal and our species. I believe that the may be more hominid species our there waiting to be found that co-existed with us in our beginnings. Many mythological races like elves, fairies or giants seem the point to a time when we encountered other hominids of different shapes and sizes. If this is the case it make a sharp contrast to modern day where only one species exists, ours.

It is my theory that our species has evolved with a hatred of other hominids and preemptively attacked and eradicated and persecuted all the other hominid species. No doubt different species would have come into conflict a lot as most existed on the same food supply. But our species is the only one that attacked without good reason. This gave them a evolutionary edge. Our species got complete access to resources by eliminating all there competition. It has also been theorized that our species is the first that could predict events over long periods of time(For example predicting the movement of herds over the seasons). If that was the case and lesser homids would not have stood much of a chance in a conflict against homo sapiens. Eventually there was only one left.

But after we won the crown of earth we kept fighting. Anyone who was different would be attacked. This occurred in the form of wars and racism. And new and more subtle methods of persecution where invented like slavery. However as a species we are not able to stomach genocide directly. So we invented social constructs like government, and religion to provide rationalizations for our actions.

The one that has harmed Autistics probably the most was Christianity. I do believe that many aspies might have been tried for witchcraft. Autistic might have also been thought to be possessed by demons (this belief still exists today).

But as Science began to take away influence from the Church such practices become rarer and rarer. So science made it's own social construct, Insanity. Now people that where once witches or possessed are now dangerously insane and locked away in insane asylums. At first the goal of the Insane Asylum was as a prison the keep "insane" people away from those that are normal. Effectively killing them socially. Nowadays the focus is a little different. Now psychiatry has another goal. The re-engineering of the insane. Into normal people; Otherwise known as therapy. Now don't get me wrong the are many cases where such re-engineering is necessary and welcome. People with depression would love to be not depressed. And the hallucinations & delusions of schizophrenia can be dangerous to those around them and themselves. But as a whole the "insane" are not as dangerous as the public is made to believe.

So, that is my theory. But let go back to the point when we eradicated all other hominids and we turn our hate toward our own kind. Well the irony is, that we seem now to be close to victory in that conflict too. As technology increases, it becomes easier and more efficient to kill one another. Now we live with the the threat of nuclear bombs. 600,000 swords of Damocles hanging over our heads, all of them on one thread. And we have the business world recklessly endangering the environment we live in in there own weird variation of aggression.

Now from all this it seems that I am portraying the human race as hateful monsters. That is not so. Hate is only just a part of the human experience. But it is beginning to destroy us. We need to keep it under control.